Perfect 10 overall score for best places to live, play, and work

Best place to Live 10/10

A city built from the ground up, made of beautiful landscape, by the Saigon river, walking distance to Sports Stadium, Metro line, Central Plaza Park, High-End Shops, restaurants, Opera Theatre, Convention Center, Walking Bridge, walking street, and more

Best place to Play 10/10

Located in the heart of the city that never sleeps, there will be places to eat, walk, play, and lounge 24/7.

Best place to work 10/10

Some of the top companies in the world will have offices here. 

Will be the new iconic building of Vietnam

Located in the center of Empire City in District 2

Enjoy life within walking distance




River view walkways

Fine Dining

Endless Entertainment

Bringing Nature to the Sky

Imagine being here with friends and family.  Walking along an outdoor park in the sky.  This is a moment to remember

Built to mimic rice fields.  Imagine the wow factor when your friends and family come to visit

 Any night will be extra special with this amazing view and memorable experience

 Below will have restaurants, shopping, cafes, and plenty of places to take pictures